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Architectural Competitions

We are architects and love creating visualizations for architectural competitions. Our range includes abstract, artistic, moody to precise and realistic images, yet all with an individual touch.

With years of experience, we know what it takes to present a project in an evocative way. It's crucial to make the key statements of the design experienceable, even if the design itself hasn't resolved all questions yet. This is important for the professional jury, as they immediately get a sense of the qualities of the project. The lay jury, which is usually not engaged with architecture on a daily basis, can understand a project at a glance.

The art lies in choosing the statement of our images in a way that convincingly portrays the characteristics of the design, even if the design itself is not yet fully defined. We capture the overall character of a design and show the mood the project wants to convey. Depending on the program and competition type, this can range from very abstract, reduced representations to artistic, moody images to very precise and realistic renderings. We love producing moody and expressive images.

We make architectural renderings and animations.

From architectural competitions and real estate projects to product marketing and digital art, we've got the skills to find a solution for your ideas. We deliver high-quality CG image and film. Let us know your needs, and our 3D render studio will turn your vision into a reality.

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