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Architecture Competitions

We're not just architects; we're storytellers. Our visualizations for architectural competitions span from the ethereal abstract to the grounding reality, creating tales within every frame. With a seasoned lens, we delve deep into each project, breathing life into blueprints and unearthing narratives where design meets emotion. We believe in creating a language that speaks universally - to the discerning eye of the expert jury and the fresh gaze of the everyday observer. Through our visuals, we don't just display designs; we unveil experiences, capturing the heartbeat and aura of every project.

Haus des Gastes

Visualization of the Visitor’s Center Amrum for our colleagues at Bittmann & Volkmann Architekten.

Architects: Bittmann & Volkmann Architekten, Berlin
Location: Amrum

Rendering of the Haus des Gastes, Amrum in black burned wood by Bittmann & Volkmann Architekten.

Pavillion Gloriapark Zürich

Visualization of the Cafe / Pavillion in the Gloriapark Zürich for dnlzk.

Architects: Daniel Zajsek Architekten, Munich
Location: Museumsinsel München, Germany

Visitor’s Center Todtnau

Visualization for the Visitor’s Center in Todtnau by Knerer und Lang Architekten.

Architects: Knerer und Lang Architekten GmbH, Munich
Location: Todtnau, Germany

Mundsburger Damm

Visualization for LEHMANN, TABILLION & CASTORPH Architektur for a housing complex in Hamburg, Germany.

Architects: LEHMANN, TABILLION & CASTORPH Architektur, Munich
Location: Hamburg, Germany

Moody rendering of a modern housing complex in Hamburg
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Creating Architectural Renderings & Animations

Whether it's for architectural competitions, real estate projects, product marketing, or digital art, we harness our expertise to bring your ideas to life. Share your vision, and let us craft tangible image, film or VR Experiences together.


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