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In the realm of real estate, a picture isn't just worth a thousand words—it's worth potential dreams realized. Our visualizations bridge the gap between brick-and-mortar realities and the allure of imagined spaces. With a meticulous blend of realism and ambiance, we create visions that captivate at first sight. Every angle is considered, every play of light is deliberate, aiming to not only showcase a property but to tell its story. We craft immersive visuals where viewers can see themselves, fostering both aspiration and assurance, making them more than viewers—they become potential inhabitants.

Schumacher Quartier Berlin TXL

Visualization of the feasibility study for the Schumacher Quartier in Berlin made for UrbanScaleTimber.

Client: Urban Scale Timber
Location: Schumacher Quartier, Berlin

Ecopark / Solforest

Visualization of the Residential Towers in Hanoi, Vietnam for the marketing agency fourcousin.

Architects: Fourcousin
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Eagle + West

Short Animation of the Residential Towers Eagle + West in Greenpoint.

Architects: Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)
Location: Greenpoint Landing, New York

Eagle + West

Visualization of the Residential Towers Eagle + West in Greenpoint / NY for OMA.

Client: Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA)
Location: Greenpoint Landing, New York

nuur Logo

Creating Architectural Renderings & Animations

Whether it's for architectural competitions, real estate projects, product marketing, or digital art, we harness our expertise to bring your ideas to life. Share your vision, and let us craft tangible image, film or VR Experiences together.


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