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TENNO, a tranquil residential retreat by Radtke Essler, emerges gracefully on the hillsides of Pöcking, overlooking the serene Starnberger See. Crafted by raumstation Architekten, this project harmonizes wooden architecture with its lush, hilly surroundings, offering a blend of ecological living and modern comfort.

Emphasizing sustainability, TENNO utilizes ecological timber construction, coupled with energy-efficient geothermal heating, photovoltaics, rainwater cisterns, and a ventilation system with heat recovery. This thoughtful approach not only minimizes environmental impact but also ensures low living costs.
Location: Alte Bahnhofsstraße, Pöcking
Architect: raumstation Architekten
Developer: Radtke Essler Immobilien GmbH
Completion: 2025
Project Services: CGIs, Animation

Nestled within a 5000 m² parkland adorned with ancient trees, TENNO comprises three multi-unit houses, subtly integrating into the forested hilltop. Each of the 14 residences, ranging from 74 m² to 153 m², is designed to maximize views of the lake and the Alps, ensuring a seamless connection with nature.
TENNO is not just a place to reside; it's a haven where the tranquility of nature meets the comfort of modern living, all while offering breathtaking views and an eco-conscious lifestyle.
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