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The Creative Studio for Architectural and Marketing Visualisations.

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nuur is a 3D visualisation studio that bridges the gap between art, architecture and nature dedicated to the creative development of complex 3D systems.

Based in Essen, Germany we specialize in creating unique imagery, speak multiple visual dialects, thrive in computer generated photography, tell stories in cinematic animations for our clients from all around the globe.

We don’t just rely on photorealism.

Architects, real estate developers and artists need unique imagery to showcase their work. That's why we go beyond photorealism and strive to create artwork that tells a compelling story and leaves a lasting impact.

Exploring Light and Nature.

Our goal is to create images that are not just technically flawless, but also visually striking. We believe that light is the key to any great image, and we explore the natural elements surrounding us to find the perfect balance of light and shadow. Every project is a little adventure, and we're dedicated to finding the most unique and aesthetic answer to your project.

Join the nuur family.

At nuur, we believe that architectural visualizations should be more than just realistic depictions of buildings. Instead, we aim to create imagery that captivates and inspires, that tells a story and evokes emotions. By combining our technical expertise with a creative approach, we are able to produce visuals that are unique, memorable, and truly engaging. So whether you're an architect, real estate developer, or artist, we'll help you stand out from the crowd with visuals that are anything but ordinary.

We make architectural renderings and animations.

From architectural competitions and real estate projects to product marketing and digital art, we've got the skills to find a solution for all of your ideas. We deliver high quality CG image and film. Let us know your needs, and our 3D visualisation studio will turn any vision into a reality.

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