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We are curious adventurers in 3D space & our natural environment embracing playfulness and the unconventional.


nuur is a talent-driven, innovative 3D visualization studio for art architecture & design.

 Since 2017, nuur has grown into a hub for creative minds dedicated to redefining the boundaries of 3D visualization.
At our core, we exist to find creative opportunity in every project, seeing each as a new adventure.


nuur means light.

Our ethos revolves around crafting immersive visual narratives that go beyond mere photorealism, capturing the essence of architecture, design, and art.
Light doesn't just illuminate; it dances, plays, and sometimes even flirts with the scenery. We venture into the elements, balancing light and shadow in a delicate tango that infuses every scene with authenticity and life.


Kerim Ekal, Founder

Despite his age of 37 years, Kerim still runs nuur with the agility of a springbok. Architect, oil painter, and photographer by day, clandestine sourdough bread baker by night, Kerim's multifaceted passions seep into every crevice of nuur's work.
When he's not crafting architectural masterpieces or capturing the essence of light on canvas, you might find him debating the merits of wild yeast over a cup of exquisitely brewed coffee.

To this day, every image and animation is reviewed by our Creative Director, Kerim.


We are committed to communication, technical mastery and creative ingenuity.

Thinking outside the client/service provider box to create a strong collaborative space. It isn't our wish, it's our aim. For every project. We work in a transparent fashion, open-minded for critisim.
Every project becomes an opportunity to create exceptional, emotionally resonant visualizations.

Our team becomes an extension of yours.

Teamwork makes the dream work. We believe in the power of collective creativity and collaboration. When we truly listen to our clients - and the voices in our heads - only then can we accomplish anything.

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        Süthers Garten 10
        45130 Essen

Copyright nuur imagery 2023. All Rights Reserved.
︎  nuur imagery
        Süthers Garten 10
        45130 Essen

Copyright nuur imagery 2023. All Rights Reserved.